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So, what does exactly the real estate agent do?
One of the cornerstones in this business is continuous looking for customers which accounts for the biggest success in this profession. It is constant communication and acquisition of information which might be accomplished in the most varied of manners: calling the prospective customers, working with databases, working in the territory, sending correspondence, establishing contacts and so on. If you want to be successful in this business it is important to perform all of these activities.

Can I make it?
The main thing we expect from you is your enthusiasm, interest in real property and positive attitude towards yourself and your life. You have to able to contact any person, to have desire to sell and assist the customer in finding the best solution, interest to earn more than 300 Ls per month and willpower always to achieve your targets.

A look into the workday of the agent:
Before 9:00
James Bond-like arrival at the office
9:00 – 18:00 performance of the mission:
• learn what is going on the market (look through the Internet advertisements, read the sector news, follow amendments to legislation, have a discussion with other agents);
• create attractive and attention-grabbing offers of your objects(gather and survey information about them, develop descriptions with photos);
• active search of customers (call the prospective customers regularly, send letters, work within your territory);
• present your objects to them as the best ever (get ready before the presentation – find our about the customer’s preferences, know about the object’s advantages, be certain about yourself);
• attend to the customer – surprise them with your solutions (follow the progress of the transaction, arrange for the legal formalities, provide consultancy in real property matters, draw and conclude agreements – do all of this quickly, assuredly and professionally)!

Our training – your achievements!
We are aware that training is of huge importance for gaining your success. Perhaps you have never been acquainted with real property, perhaps you know a little but want to learn more. We offer intensive and permanent training during your whole career.

Answers to 3 most frequently asked questions:
How much can I earn?
This depends on you. Our agents are recognized as to their professionalism, intention to help the customer and ability to act efficiently. You mark the top margin of your income, we do everything to help you to reach your targets.

Do I need former work experience to get a job with Balsts?
No. We are aware of that if you are in the situation where you have decided to find your first job or to switch the fields of operation, lack of experience is the most common aspect to hold you back in this process. We provide sufficiently professional training and support for you to learn everything necessary for a successful career in the real property sector.

Are there any promotion opportunities?
Yes! At our company the promotion options are both horizontal and vertical. Firstly, the customers and real property you are working with can with time grow and become more important. Secondly, our company constantly grows and develops, new departments are established, new projects are launched and we prefer our own people to manage these projects.

We do take care of our employees. Friendly staff, appreciation of individual achievements and common events are of enormous importance for the company to operate successfully and gain achievement, therefore we invite exactly you to become a part of our team!

 These are the properties which we mainly assess when selecting candidates.

Honesty - The person speaks truth and is able to undertake responsibility for their words and past actions; they take responsibility for their errors; they know and comply with the laws of their country, sector and company.

Intelligence - The person possesses a considerable dose of inquisitive intellect accompanied with understanding of how the acquired knowledge can be used by themselves or for management of other people. It is important here not to mistaken intelligence with education.

Maturity - The person is able to survive “hot” situations, overcome stressful situations and obstacles and be delighted about achievements in the moments of success. Such people respect emotions of others. The feel assured but they are not haughty. As a rule, these people have a good sense of humor, also in regard of themselves.

Positive energy - People with positive energy usually are optimistically inclined and extravert. They are motivated to act and live in compliance with the surrounding environment, therefore they are normally prepared for light and friendly conversations with those around them. They tend to start the day enthusiastically and they normally finish on the same note because they work with vigor and the chosen focus of activity matches their targets. They do not complain about hard work, they like to work. But they also like to have good rest. People with positive energy love to live.

Zeal - People who are able to carry away others are able to inspire the team to do the impossible because they are usually inclined towards achievement. What is needed is good knowledge about ones business (real property (RP) in this case) and strong personal properties to take decisions which would also captivate others. It is important that such employee orientates themselves well in the RP market, their territory and segment, prices, demand, supply, trends and legislation. Such people are good conversation partners and are usually able to define their position clearly, therefore they fit in the team well and are always correct, friendly and open towards the colleagues and the customers. They take their work very seriously, while they are not so serious about themselves. To tell the truth, they have a good sense of humor which they share with those surrounding them. As a rule, they are loyal towards the surroundings and bear positive and professional information always and everywhere, as well as participate actively in various events organized by the company.

Decisiveness - These people are effective and they know when it is the right moment to stop contemplating and to pass a decision even regardless lack of information. Normally this does not cause difficulty for them because these people work and live with a clear aim and therefore they are able to find solutions in difficult situations.

Performance - These people know how to turn decisions in active operations and lead such to final implementations regardless resistance, chaos or unforeseen circumstances. This is why they regularly perform transactions and execute their personal plan, as well as do everything to execute the joint department and company plan. They participate in the company’s meetings and training programs, they develop individually and take part in trade organizations, i.e. Latvian Real Estate Association “LANĪDA”.

Passion - These people are sincere and enthusiastic about their job in their very heart. They are sincerely interested in achievements of their colleagues, employees of the company and friends. They learn eagerly and strive to achieve more and more new knowledge and they are ready to support the people around them. In fact, they are eager not only about their work but about the life as the source of joy and passion. Ready to learn and improve. Active in looking for, attracting and attending customers.

In addition to the properties described above, there are 3 indicators the constant improvement and development of which is the duty of every employee.

Professional level

It is the duty of every employee to be perfectly informed about the course of transactions; to be able to orient oneself in regard to bank offers of granting credits, as well as in legal assistance. To know ones competitors and their offers along with the advantages of our company in comparison with the competitors. To be able to draw agreements independently as well as to know as a minimum two foreign languages, at least at the conversational level.

Orientation towards the customer

A good employee of our company is a nice conversation partner with good communication and persuasion skills. They are able to explain the progress of the transaction in the manner understandable for the customer, to determine the customer types in order to choose the most effective manner of communication. They know how to negotiate with customers of any level and they never abandon the customer after conclusion of the agreement; and they perform the transactions so that the customer remains the permanent customer of Balsts and recommends other customers.

Compliance with standards

Every real property specialist at our company complies with our company’s standards of work.



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