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Vita Grieķere - Matorka, Agent in the Commerce Department

It was time when I wanted to change my occupation by 100%, I wanted my salary to depend on my achievements because I hate to “sit off” my working hours for a certain salary, especially if there is nothing much to do and the time just has to be spent somehow. In this company six pm arrives as an unexpected and unwanted guest and the colleagues almost kick you out of the office because one should rest well to work well! What rightful words! I was inspired by the age of the department heads – they were younger than me, which activated me and helped me to understand that grown is indeed possible at this company. What is the key to my success? To my mind, one must not lie, and one must not pretend before others to be better than one really is. This means – do not lie to your manager, admit the mistake where you have made one rather than look for excuses; this means – do not lie to the customer, try to step into their shoes rather than apply all efforts to leasing a property to them. Rather try to be together with everyone instead to being in front of everyone, because cooperation with colleagues is crucial for this job. And also – be kind, friendly and responsive – this pays back! You just have to desire something very, very much, to move towards the goal you have set and it will definitely come true!


Ieva Baumane, Manager of Teika Office

When I started to work for Balsts in 2003, I knew absolutely nothing about the sale of real property. I wanted to work with people and the team I had to work in was important. I had good training provided by Balsts and I grew together with the company and the customers. Just after a year I won my first award – the salesperson of the month, followed by other awards. The most important of these was the Salesperson of the Year 2006. My knowledge and income grew fast while work proceeded. I took active part in the company’s events – I was the head of the employees’ committee, participated in training and selecting the new employees – until I was offered management of Teika Office at the beginning of 2007.



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