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Market report about situation on April 2013

Will we be faster than our neighbors?

Real estate company BALSTS has taken the first steps to implement electronic form of property assessment in Latvia by 1st of July. We will begin the most radical changes that ever have been in property assessment industry.  


The electronic assessment will bring many benefits. At first, it would be more ecological. Every year the world loses around 14 million hectares of forest and 19% of them are used for paper production. Global paper consumption over the last 50 years has increased six times. It is estimated that if we would save 1 tonne of paper we could save 12 to 14 adult trees could be a big step to make the world greener. The ecological aspect is not the only advantage. When we will start electronic assessment many processes will become much faster, more convenient, more accessible and safer.

  The electronic assessment has been working very successfully in Estonia for a several years. Most of the processes related to banks and other institutions are carried out electronically what made process to become a routine and easy to work with. In Lithuania switch to electronic assessment is partially implemented. It is only question of time when Lithuanians will work out this process completely. But will we be faster than our neighbours?

In Latvia e - signature has been active for a couple of years but it still is not widely used. The process of signing a document at first glance seems like hard nut, but after getting into the process it does not seem complicated. We already have discussed this idea with representatives of the Latvian banks and we will endeavour to find the right solution that will let electronic assessment to be launched in Latvia as soon as possible.




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